Cradle Lifts

Originally the Salty Hoist was designed to withstand the harsh marine environment of Southwest Florida. It is now the preferred choice for boat owners who want the ultimate in strength, durability, and performance. Every boat lift is engineered, handcrafted, expertly welded, and inspected to offer the highest level of protection for your vessel, and the highest level of convenience and safety for the people who use it. Salty Hoist allows you to raise and lower your lift with the push of a button and the peace-of-mind gained from trusting the same equipment used across Southwest Florida.

• Elite Stainless Steel Motors
• A-Drive Enclosed Gears
• Stainless Steel Cables & Fasteners
• Aluminum Pile Mount Brackets
• Aluminum Grooved Winders and Pulleys
• Aluminum Bunks & Brackets

• Remote Control
• Limit Switch
• Low Profile Lifts
• Aluminum Flat Bunks
• Top Beam Covers
• LED Beam Lights
• Custom Sizes

Weight Capacities Available:
• 7,000 lbs
• 10,000 lbs
• 13,000 lbs
• 16,000 lbs
• 20,000 lbs
• 24,000 lbs

Weight Capacities Available:
• 16,000 lbs
• 20,000 lbs
• 24,000 lbs
• 32,000 lbs